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leader's speech

Zhengzhou Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd. welcomes you to pay attention to our website! Thank you for your great support and care to Jinshan Chemical over the years!

Our company is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains and is deeply influenced by the Central Plains culture. From the day of its birth, it has created a new concept of "people-oriented, excellence, and wholehearted service for customers".

Since its establishment, the company has relied on strong technical force, guided by market demand, actively explored new development ideas, strengthened the awareness of intellectual property protection, and paid attention to scientific and technological innovation and investment. It has cooperated with most domestic rubber research institutes, universities, and colleges. Large and medium-sized domestic rubber companies have established partnerships! And developed new, environmentally friendly high-quality raw materials for all-steel tires and semi-steel tires.

Jinshan Chemical, who has experienced decades of ups and downs, is united and united to compose a magnificent song of entrepreneurship. In today's market economy, she connects with the hearts of users with conscience, connects with the hearts of users with integrity, connects with the hearts of workers with love, connects with the hearts of the public with gratitude, and creates corporate culture with unique resource advantages and unique charm. , Founding the spirit of enterprise, gathered more and more eyes, and achieved a dazzling Zhongyuan Chemical Star.

Let us strengthen market exchanges, cooperate closely, and work together to create a brilliant future for Jinshan Chemical!