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Zhengzhou Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd. (formerly the chemical plant of Zhengzhou Jinshan Enterprise Group Corporation) is an environmentally friendly enterprise specializing in the production of rubber additives such as NM360 air stopper, MC, MT series carbon black, modulus enhancer HMZ, homogenizer A78, etc. It is widely used in tires, hoses, tapes, rubber and plastic products and other industries, and has been fully affirmed and supported by experts in the rubber industry.

The company is located in Xinmi between Zhengzhou and the ancient temple Shaolin Temple, 30 kilometers away from Zhengzhou downtown and 30 kilometers away from Zhengzhou International Airport, with convenient transportation, abundant resources and superior geographical location. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to product development and process improvement relying on strong technical force, and has maintained close contact with many domestic rubber research institutes and universities. The scale of the company continues to expand, the types of products continue to increase, the scope of sales continues to expand, and it has maintained a good momentum of development.

The company has a central laboratory, carbon black workshop, modulus enhancer workshop, homogenizer workshop, and NM360 air inhibitor workshop.

The company has all the intellectual property rights of NM360 air blocking agent, MC, MT series carbon black, modulus enhancer HMZ, and homogenizing agent A78, and completed the trademark registration of MC and MT in 2001.

Scientific management, strict and precise, unity and forge ahead

The company has the annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of NM360 air inhibitor, 18,000 tons of MC carbon black, 8,000 tons of MT carbon black, modulus enhancer HMZ-2,000 tons, and homogenizer A78-3,000 tons.

The company's products have won the provincial product appraisal by the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Commission, and won the second prize of Henan Science and Technology Progress. It has been rated as an advanced unit of provincial and municipal management and a contract and trustworthy enterprise for many times. The company is a member of the Rubber Association and Auxiliaries Association.

The company has a complete quality management system, strictly in accordance with ISO9000 international quality management system standards for comprehensive quality control and management, and strictly in accordance with relevant national technical standards for production and testing. In 2000, it passed the ISO9002: 1994 quality system certification for the first time; in 2004, it passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system conversion certification. Passed GB/TI9001-2008idt/ISO9001:2008 quality management system conversion certification in 2010.

Our company actively explores new development ideas, strives for survival in competition, seeks development in survival, strengthens scientific and technological innovation and protection of intellectual property rights, improves the level of quality management, does a good job in clean production construction, and makes the company a conservation-oriented, Modern enterprises that are environmentally friendly, highly efficient, orderly operating, and knowledge-based market economy development need to strive to make greater contributions to the country's economic construction and the development of the rubber industry.